'Dollhouse,' 'Prison Break' sink

420_CowboysIndians_0062 After a lousy Thursday night in the ratings for broadcasters, Friday was more of the same with most shows posting drops from last week.

As NBA playoffs continue on cable, the second midseason episode of Fox's Prison Break (3 million, 1.0) dropped 23% from last week's debut. The weak Break didn't help the 10th episode of Dollhouse (3 million, 1.2), which returned this week to a new low (a nifty, if disheartening, Dollhouse season-track ratings chart below).

CBS won the night, but barely, with Ghost Whisperer down 16% from its last original and (9 million, 2.1) and Flashpoint (8.2 million, 1.6) and Numbers (8.8 million, 1.8) likewise lower than usual. ABC was competitive with Wife Swap (4 million, 1.3) and a two-hour 20/20 (6.5 million, 1.8). NBC was fourth with Howie Do It (3.3 million, 1.0) and Dateline (4.8 million, 1.3).