Dolly Parton (Playfully) Slams Queen Latifah, Miley Cyrus in New Rap Song (Video)

The country star spit rhymes about her famous bosom, singing Latifah "has them too, but she don't work them like I do."
Dolly Parton on "The Queen Latifah Show"

Did the world just witness the birth of Dolly Parton, rap star?

The country music legend hipped and hopped on Friday's episode of The Queen Latifah Show, giving a musical performance that challenged the TV host on her own territory.

"Queen Latifah, she da queen of hip-hop, rap and TV screen," Parton sang. "She da queen of her own hood, but I'm the queen of Dollywood."

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Queen Latifah smiled on the side of the stage, watching Parton perform her outrageous lyrics. An extended portion of the song talked about Parton's famously ample breasts, with the country star noting Latifah "has them too, but she don't work them like I do." Parton also gave a shout out to Miley Cyrus, rapping "Miley, I've got your wrecking balls right here" while motioning to her bosom.

"You may be the Queen, but I'm the white trash princess," she rapped to Latifah. "Well, me and Honey Boo Boo."

The Queen Latifah Show, which airs in syndication, premiered last month.