Don Cheadle and Alex Moffat Are Buddy Cops in 'SNL' Promo

Don Cheadle-Saturday Night Live Promo-Publicity-H 2019
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

There's a new buddy-cop duo in New York.

Ahead of this weekend's new episode of Saturday Night Live, NBC released a promo of first-time host Don Cheadle with castmember Alex Moffat. In the clip, the two play coffee-eating, gun-slinging security guards at 30 Rock, where the show films each week.

All is fun and games until a voiceover reveals that they have no real authority. "Wait, what? You said that whoever hosted the show gets to run security?" a confused Cheadle asks.

"Oh, no, I was just suggesting we do a buddy-cop sketch or something," Moffat explains. The real security guards then show up to break up the party.

In addition to Cheadle as host, the upcoming installment will feature Gary Clark Jr. as musical guest.

Watch the video below.