Donald Glover Brings Comedic and Musical Talents to 'SNL' Hosting Gig

Donald Glover served as both host and musical guest (under his stage name Childish Gambino) on this weekend's Saturday Night Live. Zoë Kravitz and Daniel Kaluuya introduced him before the musical performance segments.

The NBC late-night sketch show show made use of his musical abilities throughout, starting with a parody of the rap group Migos starring Glover and SNL castmembers Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson as members of "Friendos." Their music video was broken up with group therapy sessions, where they worked out their issues with each other. Rapper ASAP Rocky made a cameo at the end.

Glover also sang in a sketch where he played a 1980s boogie singer named Raz P. Berry, who mistook a random stranger for his girlfriend.

In a sketch calling out Hollywood for the lack of black characters in Star Wars movies, Glover appeared as his upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story character, a young Lando Calrissian. He finished out the bit by singing a song called "Making Love in Space." Thompson also appeared as Saw Gerrera.

In a non-musical sketch, Glover played an eccentric lawyer defending Jurassic World in a wrongful death suit.

The former Community star also played the boyfriend of a Melissa Villaseñor character that didn't understand dirty talk. She repeatedly said wildly inappropriate things in bed, like reminding him that his father is dead and even doing a Bill Cosby impression.

Interviewing for a position as social media intern at Mattel's Barbie division, another non-singing Glover character kept bringing up a traumatic event from Barbie's past, dryly delivering potential Instagram captions alluding to Barbie's inner turmoil.

And, in the final sketch, Redd, Thompson and Glover played inmates working as customer service representatives from prison.