Donald Trump Begs for an Emmy in Showtime's 'Cartoon President' Teaser

Stephen Colbert and Chris Licht's animated spin on on the commander-in-chief is overweight, out of breath and premiering in February.
Courtesy of Showtime
'Our Cartoon President'

Showtime's cartoon version of Donald Trump is coming into view — and, like its Late Show inspiration, the animated president is bumbling and not terribly fit.

"Give me an Emmy," the orange interpretation pleads after crawling to a West Wing podium in a new teaser trailer for Our Cartoon President. He is then hoisted up by his inner circle, a Bush Baby-esque Jeff Sessions, fearful Jared Kushner and wincing Melania among them.

The series, from The Late Show's Stephen Colbert and Chris Licht, is set to premiere Feb. 11 before the new season of Homeland. Showtime will sample it across platforms starting Jan. 28.

Our Cartoon President is described as an "all-access" look into Trump's day-to-day in a parallel cartoon universe. Per a network statement, "Our Cartoon President examines the quintessentially Trumpian details of the presidency and his most important relationships, and no one is safe — from his close family and confidants to key political figures from both parties and members of the media."

As if there weren't already enough of Donald Trump on TV, Showtime's Our Cartoon President is just one of the latest spoofs on air. Alec Baldwin is still parodying the president on NBC's Saturday Night Live on an almost-weekly basis, and Comedy Central has Anthony Atamanuik's The President Show.

Our Cartoon President hails from CBS Television Studios and counts R.J. Fried as showrunner.