Donald Trump on 'Celebrity Apprentice' Finale: It Will Get 'a Little Bit Nasty'

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Donald Trump is proving hard to dump. The outspoken billionaire has hung on to his job as a Macy's spokesman to the chagrin of Democratic activist Angelo Carusone, who has gathered more than 650,000 signatures with calling for Trump's ouster.

Donald Trump hasn't yet made up his mind on who the first All Star Celebrity Apprentice winner will be.

The mogul will choose one of the two finalists -- country singer Trace Adkins or illusionist Penn Jillette -- as the winner during Sunday night's live finale, which airs at 9 p.m. on NBC. But he told reporters in a conference call that he's still undecided as to whom will get "hired" as the winner.

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"Normally, I have an idea [of who the winner will be before the live finale airs]," Trump said in response to a question from The Hollywood Reporter. "In this case, honestly, I don’t have an idea. I’ll determine it, but I do not know yet."

Trump also talked a little about Sunday's two-hour finale. Viewers will see the remainder of the final challenge, which finds Adkins and Jillette tasked with creating a new ice cream flavor for Walgreens' Delish line. Adkins' team went with "Maple Macadamia Mash-up," while Jillette's group came up with "Magic Swurtle."

"We have a tremendous cast of celebrities that each of them have brought," Trump said of the final task, adding that he wasn't at liberty to give names just yet.

He added: "It’s a very tough group of people, and the game is played very hard. It’s a little bit nasty in a couple of cases. But overall I think it’s really going to be great television."

Jillette revealed that he and Adkins will perform together during finale -- with Adkins singing and Jillette playing bass. The magician also will perform with his longtime professional partner, Teller.

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Trump added that it's not typical to have two people in the finals who actually like each other. He praised both of the men as "winners" and said it's going to be hard to decide which one to fire. When Jillette joked that he could actually hire both of them, Trump called the idea "interesting" and said, "Let me think about that."

Adkins, meanwhile, shared that he thought Jillette was the person to beat from the very first day, which is why he chose the magician as the first person for his team.

"And then I was going to pick Omarosa and use her to dispatch Penn," he added. "But Bret [Michaels] picked her, and I knew immediately he’d made a mistake, and she cut his throat the first week." He quipped to Jillette: "You’re so lucky. I was going to sic Omarosa on you."

Adkins is playing for the American Red Cross, while Jillette is playing for Opportunity Village, a local charity based in Las Vegas that helps people with intellectual disabilities. Both of the finalists said their second time on the show was much more enjoyable.

"The first time around I was a little skeptical and uncomfortable and guarded," Jillette said. "And then as I grew to trust the show and trust Mr. Trump, and I’m afraid to say, 'trump' myself. The second year, every show I enjoyed more than the show before and I just had a blast. There was no comparison for me."

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Added Adkins: "My first season was much more stressful. This season I came in much more confident. I thought I had a good handle on how this game was played, and I thought I knew how to play it and knew how to win it. And so I just felt much better this season."

Trump also revealed that while he's happy with the final two, he took a lot of grief on Twitter after firing Lil Jon in this week's episode, which he says might or might not have been spurred in part by the rapper telling viewers to tweet Trump after he was fired to tell him he had made a mistake. He added that Lisa Rinna, who finished in third place, was the competitor who surprised him the most, given that she was fired second on her first season.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Apprentice was recently renewed by NBC, and Trump, who also executive produces the show, noted that casting is already under way for the next season.

"We have some amazing people," he said.