Donald Trump Is "White ISIS" Due to Muslim Ban, Says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah gave Donald Trump a one-two punch during Tuesday's Daily Show.

The host first commented on Trump's call for a "complete shutdown" on Muslims entering the U.S. "Like a Pokemon, Donald Trump has evolved into an even more gruesome form of himself," said Noah of the ban, also applying to "every doctor, every scientist and even Zayn Malik."

After poking holes in the GOP candidates plan to verify one's religion at airports, Noah called it all "flatly discriminatory, probably illegal and fairly wrong, it also goes against the very principles of what America was founded on. This is the land of the free, literally founded by people seeking freedom from religious persecution."

"Everyone has the right to be crazy; what worries me is that people are following the crazy," he continued. "Donald Trump is a problem, but he's not the problem. There are people who already hold these views, and there used to be kind of an agreement between them and society that they wouldn't speak these things in public. But now, Donald Trump, the frontrunner of a major political party, has basically given them permission to shed their shame and say these things out loud."

He then checked in with the show's senior political correspondent Hasan Minhaj, who satirically argued that the ban is to protect Muslims from "crazy" Americans "until we figure out what is going on."

And what's that? "Maybe Trump never actually wanted to be president, so now he's just self-sabotaging, trying to get his supporters to break up with him by crossing the line again and again and again," Minhaj guessed. "It's kind of like the Microsoft store every Christmas: turns out there is no line."

The two then concluded that because "Trump is an extremist leader who came out of nowhere, he's self-financed, recruits through social media, attracts his followers with an attractive ideology to take over the world and is actively trying to promote a war between Islam and the West, ... Donald Trump is white ISIS. WISIS."

To fight that, Minhaj asked for more moderate white conservatives to speak out, but that isn't enough. "Every conservative isn't the same, I know, it's just easier in my brain to be afraid of an entire group of people. So until we can figure out what's going on here, So until we can figure out what's going on here, I, Hasan J. Minhaj, say we shouldn't allow any conservatives into the White House."

Noah also debuted a segment called "Don't Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter," airing a compilation of clips that has the GOP candidate commenting on Ivanka Trump.

"Unlike most of the claims Trump makes, I can actually back this up," said the Daily Show host. "We have nothing against Ivanka Trump; frankly, we're sorry about dragging her into this mess."

Still, he told the audience, "Call your dad tonight, tell him you never truly appreciated what a good dad he was, and thank him for never announcing on national television that he wishes he could bang you, unlike Donald Trump."

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