Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert Play "Trump or Colbert" Quote-Identification Game

Trump or Colbert Late Show Still - H 2015

Donald Trump joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's Late Show, where the presidential candidate had to prove how well he remembered what he had previously said.

In a segment during the interview, Colbert read quotes to Trump that had been said by either Trump or by Colbert's Colbert Report pundit character, and Trump had to identify which of them had said each line in question.

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Colbert read one quote in which the speaker apologized "for being perfect," to which Trump responded, "That would be you because I would never say a thing like that." He was right. 

Colbert then read him a quote about New York being so cold that "we need global warming." Trump replied, "I think it's you, but it's close to being me," and, as it turned out, Trump indeed had said it.

The pair also took some time to discuss Trump's trademark red baseball caps with his "Make America Great Again" slogan on them. "It's a hot hat — the New York Times did a big story on it," Trump said, being his typically immodest self.

Colbert claimed he was going to ask Trump a very simple question — "It's a meatball," Colbert joked about the straightforwardness of the query — which ended up being, "Barack Obama — born in the United States?" But Trump wouldn't bite.

"I don't talk about it anymore," the real estate mogul demurred. Colbert then referenced the recent Pizza Rat viral video, joking that the "meatball is being dragged down the stairs by a rat right now." Trump chimed in with, "I saw that rat!"