Donald Trump on 'The View': Rosie O'Donnell 'Always Self-Destructs'

Donald Trump Rosie O'Donnell - H 2012
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Donald Trump Rosie O'Donnell - H 2012

Even when Donald Trump has faint praise for Rosie O'Donnell, it isn't so nice. 

After O'Donnell was officially unveiled Thursday as a co-host of ABC's The View, the real estate mogul chimed in with a backhanded compliment aimed at the television personality. 

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"I think it's a good move on ABC's part," Trump told The New York Daily News, adding: "The show has really missed not having Barbara [Walters] on it. With that said, it'll have a short-term positive impact, but then you have the long term. Rosie always self-destructs."

Trump didn't just limit himself to newspaper interviews on the topic. In an early Friday tweet, he fired off a characteristically flippant note about O'Donnell. "Rosie is crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb — other than that I like her very much!" he wrote. 

O'Donnell, who is set to return to the daytime TV show for season 18, is rejoining The View as hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy exit. 

Trump, despite having feuded with O'Donnell for years, lobbied to be a guest on the program, though only because of co-host Whoopi Goldberg

“I love Whoopi, who is still on, and I would go on," Trump told the Daily News