'Apartment 23': More Beek Jeans, Romance for Chloe and 9 More Teasers From the Cast, Creators

Dreama Walker Krysten Ritter Don't Trust the B - H 2012

Dreama Walker Krysten Ritter Don't Trust the B - H 2012

After a seven-episode first season that found June making out with Chloe's dad (ew!), Fake James Van Der Beek launching a clothing line (Beek Jeans!) and Chloe literally adopting an teenager to serve as her assistant, the insanity on ABC's Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 has only just begun.

The ABC comedy from executive producers Nahnatchka Khan and David Hemingson has far more ridiculousness planned for stars Krysten Ritter, James Van Der Beek and Dreama Walker -- as well as new series regular Ray Ford (Luther) -- for Season 2.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast Thursday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour to get the scoop with the showrunners already seven scripts in. Here are 11 spoilers from the cast and creators.

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1. Season 2 will consist of 19 episodes -- including the six held over from Season 1 that will feature Fake James (aka TV JVDB) as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Khan tells THR that those episodes will be interspersed throughout the season. "We're going to try to get it as close to that as we can and do some crossovers," Khan says of matching up the Apartment 23 faux-Dancing with ABC's actual season finale. (And yes, there's always the possibility for the network to order additional episodes.)

2. Chloe will meet her match. Producers are currently testing a potential love interest to recur for Ritter's titular bitch -- but there's a twist. "She's pulling another scam and halfway through, the guy flips the tables on her and she's taken aback," Khan says, noting her dream cast is Ryan Gosling, but if he's unavailable David Schwimmer would work well. "It's got to be somebody who can hold their own with Krysten. It's Chloe meeting her match, the 'Bastard in 407!' " Ritter, meanwhile, has her own stunt casting in mind for the role: "I'd rather see Katie Holmes as a love interest -- it'd be amazing and a way to spin the whole Dawson's Creek reunion on its ear! We'd be the cutest couple, we're both 5-foot-9!" she enthused.

3. Khan says she's heard ex-Dawson's Creek-er Joshua Jackson wants to be on the show -- allow us to suggest the Fringe star for Ritter's rube/love interest!

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4. TV JVDB has a very unique view of Halloween. Producers noted that the Halloween-themed episode will see the Faux James plan an epic party. James has a very distinct idea of how Halloween should be presented and it's got to be by his rules," Hemingson tells THR. "There may be wings involved."

5. Not to be trumped by Halloween, there's also an epic Thanksgiving episode planned that will see Chloe visit her parents -- as in her father, aka the guy June made out with four hours and her wheelchair-bound mother. "June is obliged to help smooth the road with shocking results because Chloe can't be counted on," Hemingson says.

6. In news to nobody, Chloe has a shady past. "You may find out that Chloe is a registered sex offender -- 'It's a 17-year-old, it's a gray area!' " Ritter teases.

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7. Faux James is back in business -- with Beek Jeans -- and he'll have help in launching the fashion line from a loyal source: Luther. "The bottoms are perfect, now we need the matching tops so he's going to try to create a Beek Ensemble and Luther has a lot of suggestions and is working on a lot of sample patterns," Khan says. As for Van Der Beek's suggestion for what the matching top would look like? "The word unitard comes to mind," Van Der Beek says with a laugh. "I'm a little frightened now!"

8. Speaking of Luther, remember that play Chloe wouldn't read? Chances are good you'll be hearing more about that in Season 2. "Luther is always going to be around, maybe he's going to stage his play that he was waiting to get notes on from Chloe, he'll have a reading," Khan teases. Adds Ford: "I'd love to see James in the play and maybe Chloe could be in it -- oh she's going to read that script! I could totally see Chloe in a big hoop skirt."

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9. Now that June's back at work in the financial sector -- meeting her career goals from the pilot -- her work environment will be explored, with Chloe (naturally!) stepping in to spot a rival who wasn't even on the NYC transplant's radar. "It's sort of like a Hannibal Lecter thing where she's in the mind of her nemesis," Khan says of Chloe's ability to detect the enemy. The showrunner's dream cast? Rosario Dawson.

 10. Chloe wants a husband?! Walker says there's an episode in the works where June coaches Chloe how to land Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now. "There's a whole episode devoted to the idea that Chloe wants a husband at one point and June is like, 'Well you have to dress more appropriately and date appropriate men,'" she says. "Of course that won't last but it's really funny to watch."

11. Following his appearances on Dancing With the Stars, Faux James' career will take off and producers will have fun with how the "renaissance narcissist" handles his revitalized career -- including additional feature film offers as well as how the egomaniac handles the press.

Season 2 of Apartment 23 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Hit the comments with your thoughts on what you're looking forward to seeing.

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