'Downton Abbey' Spoof 'Downton Arby's' Plants Landed Gentry in Fast Food Franchise (Video)

Downton Arby's Yahoo SketchY - H 2012

Downton Arby's Yahoo SketchY - H 2012

Downton Abbey parodies show no signs of stopping -- and the latest scenario for the PBS series' intertwined aristocracy and servant class is at a fast food chain.

Sketchy, the new series of viral shorts from Yahoo! Screen's comedy channel, released Downton Arby's this week, and as the familiar group of actors might have you believe, it's one of the slicker spoofs to come out of the popular British soap.

Luck's Richard Kind, Matt Walsh (Veep) and comedians Erin Gibson and Jennie Pierson topline the spoof which finds the Crawleys looking for an heir in all the wrong places.

Some aspects are really no different at all -- Thomas has it in for Bates and nobody likes Edith -- but Kind plays Lord Grantham a little on the loopy side. He asks one customer if he'll take Lady Mary's hand, which only prompts a request for more horsey sauce.

Watch the full clip below: