'Drop Dead Diva' Finale: Brooke Elliott on the Series Ending and What She'll Miss About Jane (Q&A)

Lifetime's show comes to an end Sunday night after six seasons.
Brooke Elliott in "Drop Dead Diva"

Will Deb and Grayson -- er, Jane and Ian -- finally get their happy ending?

In Sunday's penultimate episode of Drop Dead Diva, Jane (Brooke Elliott) was seen quitting her law firm job after her colleagues Kim (Kate Levering) and Owen (Lex Medlin) expressed concern that she was jumping into a relationship with Ian too fast after Grayson's (Jackson Hurst) death -- not realizing that Ian is, in fact, Grayson.

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Ahead of the series finale, Elliott talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the ending, why she thinks fans will be happy and what she'll miss most about playing Jane/Deb after six seasons.

What can you tell us about the series finale?

I think the fans who have been with us from the beginning and even those that joined us in the middle -- anyone who has a special kind of bond with Jane and Grayson -- are going to be so happy with the end of the show. It's very sweet. And before you get there, of course, there are all these little bumps. But I think people will be happy.

And ironically now both Deb and Grayson are in different bodies. Does that strengthen their relationship?

I like the idea of love standing the test of time and circumstances. That was the Jane and Grayson story from the beginning. Can love survive and even blossom under those circumstances? I'm also a big fan of the other thing we're exploring with this story is that your life can be different than you thought it would be. Can you still be happy with your life? That's why people could always relate to this show; both of those ideas are enticing and beautiful to people.

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The show has really passionate fans.

The fans have been amazing and I've never experienced anything where the fans could bring a show back [after cancellation]. It's pretty amazing and exciting and humbling to think that people like the show that much. They've been so kind and generous and supportive and even now some people out there don't really want the show to end. … I hope people like [the finale] and are touched by it and that it leaves them on a beautiful note.

What will you miss the most about playing this character?

I love playing Deb in Jane's body. I thought she was so much fun, and I loved finding the places in the script where I could really bring out some of Deb's soul. It was always Deb's soul in Jane's body, with Jane's characteristics influencing Deb's decisions. I always loved those little moments that I could put in there were especially Deb-like. I love playing that character. And what was fun about her is that she didn't have a sense of propriety, like "I have to behave this way." She behaved the way she wanted and loved life and loved herself, and I love that about her.

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What about Stacey and Owen? Do they find their happily ever after?

I think people will like that story line with them; it's a very sweet ending to the show. I think it will satisfy people in having to say goodbye to these characters.

The show has staged several musical numbers over the years. Will we see any in the finale?

There is a song, but it's not a big musical number. I miss those; they were so much fun, bringing my Broadway [background] onto the screen. Those were some of my favorite moments.

What were your other favorite moments or episodes?

I don't know if I have a specific favorite moment, but I know that when I think of the show ending, and the cast, I can think of many wonderful, heartfelt moments that I've had over the seasons. And that's what runs through my mind; I'm really going to miss working with the cast.

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What next for you?

Right now I'm spending time with family and taking a little bit of rest, and then I don't know. I’m looking at different projects and seeing what I'd like to do next. It's really exciting to think, "OK, which way do I want to go? Which path do I want to take?"

Would you return to Broadway?

I'd love to go back to Broadway if there was a place for me there. I would absolutely go back; it's just a part of me. But the way I see it, it's always perfectly time when a job comes along or an opportunity opens up, so I tend to trust the timing, and when it's right it will be right.

Watch a preview of the series finale below. The episode airs at 9 p.m. Sunday on Lifetime.