'Drop Dead Diva' Boss Reveals 8 Game Changers for Season 4

Drop Dead Diva Portrait Group - P 2012

Drop Dead Diva Portrait Group - P 2012

When viewers tune into the upcoming fourth season of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, they’ll still get its otherworldly brand of rom-com, but they'll also discover key changes among the cast and a game-changing scenario for reincarnated model-turned-lawyer Jane (Brooke Elliot).

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“We just go deeper with all the characters, in particular with Jane,” creator, executive producer and writer Josh Berman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The season has been so freeing to write, because I would say it’s taken the character three seasons to feel completely comfortable and proud of who she is.”

THR spoke to Berman about what’s to come for season four. Here’s eight things that shake up Drop Dead Diva’s world.

1. Deb has to go. The emphasis of this season is on “Deb” fully moving on by living her life solely as Jane. “I think she does finally own being Jane. She’s come to terms with both her fate and her destiny. She takes charge of her personal life in a way we haven’t seen her do before. She’s not just crying over Grayson, but she’s finding other ways to make a happy ending for herself.”

2. Grayson chases Jane. When Stacy (April Bowlby) slipped and told Grayson (Jackson Hurst) that Deb is Jane, he takes that very literally. “We left on the cliffhanger of Brooke heading to Italy with Owen and Grayson possibly finding out the truth about who Jane really is. We play that for quite a while. Grayson gets closer and closer to the truth.“

3. Grayson or Owen? Jane will make a decision. Lex Medlin was promoted to a series regular this season, so what does that mean? “Owen and Jane continue to grow as a couple," Berman explains. "But during that time, Grayson makes a move, quite frankly, on Jane. Jane’s got to decide what she’s going to do. We’re not holding back this season. I’m not a fan of going eight years and seeing unrequited love. I think it gets frustrating for a viewer. I want to give some answers this season. I want to force Jane to make some real life changing decisions.”

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4. Fred is not long for this world. Fred (Ben Feldman) does appear in the fourth season premiere, but don’t expect him to hang around. “I think as we’re evolving the series bringing somebody who can really test Jane at a level where Fred couldn’t makes for more of an exciting TV show,” the showrunner says. “All that being said, I can promise you while there is a goodbye from Ben Feldman in the season opener he is not gone forever. We do see him again.”

5. Jane’s new angel mans up. Undercovers star Carter MacIntyre picks up where Fred leaves off and he comes on very strong. “What I love about Carter MacIntyre is he is a guardian angel with balls,” Berman explains. “He is loud, he’s confrontational, he has a strong point of view. He doesn’t suffer fools. He will go head to head with Jane. He is not a little brother [like Fred]. He is her equal.”

6. Wedding bells? “I will say within the first six episodes there is a major proposal, which is a game changer for the series.”

7. Kim Kardashian may surprise you. Despite some kneejerk negative responses to the casting, Berman hopes you’ll stick it out. “We wrote her a three episode arc. But, once she got on set and I was with her I got to see what her strengths were and we got to write to those… Her character goes head to head with Jane. She’s got a fantastic twist that no one will see coming in episode three.”

8. Soundtrack by Margaret Cho. The series has discovered a new way to introduce musical numbers. “We’re going to find out this season that Margaret Cho’s character is a closet performer," Berman reveals. "She actually gets to sing some original songs that were written just for the show on the show. We even see that she’s got an alternate personality called 'Lady Bodacious' that will come out in an episode in all her glory. We’re going to watch her burgeoning singing career. That’s how we’re going to be bringing a little bit of music to the show this season."

Lifetime is airing a Drop Dead Diva third season marathon starting Saturday at noon. Season four premieres Sunday at 9 p.m.

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