'Drop Dead Diva' Sneak Peek: Jane Frantically Searches for Owen (Exclusive Video)

Is old Jane in Owen's body -- and what happens next?

Those are the questions on the minds of Drop Dead Diva viewers, who last saw Owen (Lex Medlin) suffer a heart attack after witnessing new Jane (Brooke Elliott) kissing Grayson (Jackson Hurst) on their wedding day in the season four finale. When Owen awoke, it appeared that old Jane had returned in his body.

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The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from the fifth-season premiere -- titled "Back From the Dead" -- in which Jane and Stacey (April Bowlby) are on a frantic search to find Owen, who has disappeared.

Elliott told reporters in a recent conference call that the premiere finds new Jane unsure of where the old Jane is exactly, in Owen's body or someone else's.

"That's a little disconcerting for her because she knows that [old Jane is] quite upset," she said. "She doesn't fully know why, but she knows she's upset. And so, she's a little on edge and unsure of everyone that comes into her life because she's not sure if it's old Jane or not. And she doesn’t know if old Jane is in Owen, either, so she's kind of walking on eggshells with everyone as she tries to find out exactly where old Jane is."

As for new Jane, Elliott hopes that she finds love -- whether it's with Grayson, Owen or someone else entirely. Yet, when asked by The Hollywood Reporter, she isn't quite ready to say if she ultimately hopes she ends up with Grayson or Owen.

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"That is actually very challenging for me -- I'm not sure," she said, adding: "There’s two schools of thought that your true love, your first love is your soul mate love, and that’s a beautiful story and it’s so romantic and it’s so gorgeous. And then, the other idea is that our lives can be different than we thought they were going to be. And what happens then when a whole different path opens up that you love just as much? And it’s one that you didn’t think would be there. And what happens when we allow ourselves to our open ourselves up to a path that we didn’t think about, you know? … So, I'm torn."

Diva's season five premieres at 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 23. For fans wishing to catch up on the show before its premiere, Lifetime has put all of season four's episodes on its website for free viewing. Sony Pictures TV released the DVD on June 18.