'Duck Dynasty' Dad Approves Sadie Robertson's 'Dancing With the Stars' Outfits

Dancing with the Stars ABC Sept 15 - H 2014

Dancing with the Stars ABC Sept 15 - H 2014

Duck Dynasty reality star Sadie Robertson is leaving audiences in awe of her raw dancing talent on Dancing With the Stars season 19, but wardrobe credit goes to her father, Willie Robertson, she says.

Robertson and her father have a comical history of disagreeing on formal dress attire, as witnessed on Duck Dynasty.

The 17-year-old high school junior, who chose to be homeschooled during her first upperclassman year before being selected as a DWTS candidate, has never been to a school dance or received formal dance training. Her former school does not allow dancing and instead hosts a junior and senior banquet. But Robertson has applied her modesty and personal style to a prom dress line she designed in collaboration with Sherri Hill.

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Watching just five minutes of the DWTS opening number, audiences are exposed to revealing outfits that accentuate the dancers' bodies, which can raise eyebrows for fathers with teenage daughters performing on the show.

"This show has turned this outfit thing into a stereotype,” Robertson's dance partner, Mark Ballas, said. “If you went to a real ballroom competition, of course there are sexy outfits … but every time you see someone on stage in one of those outfits, they chose to wear that. They designed it … that was all their idea.”

Ballas added: “I like to keep things a little bit more about the dancing. Make it sassy, make it fun, make it cute and sexy at times, but with [Sadie] it’s going to be very appropriate and it’s always going to be comfortable. That’s my bottom-line rule.”

Each season, the DWTS cast designs their costumes for each dance, which are translated into physical performance pieces; dancers have ultimate control over what and how much the outfit reveals.

When asked if her father also reviewed Monday night’s jeans-and-plaid Southern flair outfit, Sadie Robertson was quick to respond: “Of course. [It’s] just a country outfit.”

Tune in to ABC on Tuesday at 8 p.m. to see who gets eliminated.