'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson's Nephew Running for Congress

Zach Dasher — whose mom is Robertson's sister — announces his campaign in Louisiana's 5th District on Monday morning.
Miller Mobley

A member of the Duck Dynasty clan is looking to make his mark in politics.

Zach Dasher, the nephew of Phil Robertson, said Monday morning that he's running for Congress in Louisiana's 5th District.

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He made the announcement on Twitter:

In a press release announcing his campaign, Dasher — whose mom is Robertson's sister — revealed his motivation for pursuing political office.

"It is time for ordinary citizens to get off of the sidelines and get involved in the political system," Dasher said. "For too long, we've set idly by while Washington politicians slowly gain control over every aspect of our lives. I am seeking to represent the people of the 5th District in Congress so that I can effectively fight the big government intellectual elitists in Washington."

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According to the release, Dasher is pro-life and a supporter of the Second Amendment. "He favors adoption of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, an overhaul of the Department of Veterans Affairs and a strong U.S. military," the release states.

Dasher has a background in the pharmaceutical industry, according to the release. He also has been involved in the real estate business and with fundraising for nonprofit organizations. This marks his first run for political office.

"We did not send people to Washington to determine our rights. We sent them there to defend our rights, but that's not what they're doing," Dasher said. "They're taking them away, day by day. They're forcing us to purchase their healthcare insurance because they think they know better than we do when it comes to managing our private lives."

He and his wife of 13 years, Jil, have four children. The election will be held Nov. 4.

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Last year, the Robertson family supported U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister for the 5th District seat in a special election to replace the departing Rodney Alexander. McAllister was caught kissing one of his married staffers on camera earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Phil Robertson found himself at the center of controversy several months ago after his anti-gay comments were published in a GQ magazine profile.