'Duck Dynasty' Season Premiere: 10 Memorable Moments

From Si's insistence that Debbie Gibson introduced Phil and Miss Kay to his illogical explanation about why he was late, here are the funniest lines and wackiest moments from Wednesday's episode of A&E's hit series.

A record-breaking 11.8 million viewers tuned in to the fourth-season premiere of A&E's Duck Dynasty on Wednesday night.

The episode centered on the Robertsons' efforts to throw a surprise wedding for Phil and Miss Kay on their 48th anniversary since they apparently never had an a real ceremony.

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In case you missed it, we've compiled 10 of the most memorable moments from the episode:

1. "Willie ain't whipped."

After being accused of being "whipped" by his wife, Korie, Willie tells the camera: "Butter is whipped. Cream is whipped. Horses are whipped. Willie ain't whipped. If anything, Korie is whipped by me. Wait -- that came out wrong."

2. Korie reveals how she gets her way.

"There's really only one way to con a Robertson man to do anything," she tells the camera. "All you've gotta do is make him think it's his idea. Actually there's two ways, but I save the other one for special occasions."

3. Miss Kay tries in vain to get Phil to remember their special day.

Miss Kay: "You know what tomorrow is, dontcha?"
Phil: "Tuesday, maybe?  
Miss Kay: "No."
Phil: "Wednesday?"
Miss Kay: "No, not a day of the week."
Phil: "Presidents Day or somethin'."
Miss Kay: "No."
Phil: "Maybe my birthday?"
Miss Kay: "No. … It's our anniversary."
To the camera, Miss Kay reveals: "Over the years, I've come to accept that Phil's just not good about out dates -- unless it's duck season, Christmas or Easter. That he remembers. … On the bright side, I could just tell him it's our anniversary every few months. I actually did it last year with my birthday; he never knew the difference. Two presents."

4. Phil laments his lack of privacy.

"Miss Kay loves to hang around me at all times. The only place I'm away from my woman is when I'm in the woods. But in my case, you have to go rather deep in the woods," he says as his wife is chatting up a storm while he's fishing -- in the woods.

5. Si explains why he's late -- sort of.

Phil's brother Si arrives late to their house, apologizing:
Si: "Sorry I'm late, I almost ran out of gas."
Phil: "Ran out of gas?"
Si: "Hey, it takes time to fill up."
Miss Kay: "Well, I'm glad you got gas."
Si: "Nah, I didn't get gas."
Phil: "Uh, you went by a BJs, there's a gas station, pumps outside, you know?"
Si: "No, I didn't want to be late, so I went by there."
Miss Kay: "Well, that don't make sense. Why wouldn't you stop and get gas?"
Si: "'Cause I didn't wanna be late."
Phil: "But you are late."
Si: "Yeah."
Miss Kay: "What?"
Si: "I had to drive slow 'cause the faster you drive, the more gas you drink."
Miss Kay: "The faster you drive…"
Si: "When you drive fast, it drinks more gas."
Miss Kay: "It does."
Phil: " 'I’m late, I'm out of gas, but so I won't be late, I won't get gas.' "
Phil later tells the camera that Si is a "logic vacuum."

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6. A debate ensues over whether Debbie Gibson introduced Phil and Miss Kay.

Si plans a "surprise trip down memory lane" for the couple. "I did a little research and actually found the house where Phil and Kay first met," he tells the camera, adding: "It's behind the gas station on highway 34."
The conversation after Si pulls up in front of the house:
Kay: "That is not where we met."
Si: "This is Debbie Gibson's old home. She introduced y'all two."
Phil: "I've never been in front of that crackhouse in my life."
Si: "You gotta be kidding me. That ain't her house?"
Phil: "First of all, Debbie Gibson was not her name. Secondly me and Miss Kay met on the the ballfield, jack.
Si: "That ain't the way I remember it."
Phil (after a lengthy debate ensues over whether Debbie Gibson was, in fact, the name of the person who introduced the couple): "Si, I think you've taken a hard right off memory lane on this one."

7. Jase reflects on his brother Jep.

"When God was splitting up the talents among the Robertson boys it's obvious that Jep got what was left: luck. And it's really all he needs. Whatever he does, he gets praise for. It wouldn't surprise me if he got caught with his finger in the cake, and they complimented him for his culinary creativity."

8. Willie announces his wardrobe malfunction.

Declares the Duck Commander CEO during the wedding ceremony: "I have a massive wedgie. I shoulda worn underwear."

9. Jase is itchin' to go fishin'.

Jase isn't happy about having to set up for the wedding. "Right now, right now, there are fish jumping everywhere. And I'm stuck here untanglin' lights. If I didn't catch a fish soon, I'm liable to stab myself with a salad fork. Or possibly a dinner fork. I really can't tell the difference."

10. Si makes a wedding speech.

When the officiant, Phil's beardless son, Alan, asks if there is anyone who has a reason why the couple can't "continue to be married," Si interjects with this speech: "First of all this man chose me as his best man, which is only right, OK? I've been with this man all his life, OK? It's almost like we was brothers. I was in the backseat when these two right here went out on their first date. Here's what I wish for y'all OK? I asked God to bless both of you, OK? 'Cause I love you and I know he does, and that y'all have a happy life together. All right preacher, marry these two where we can go eat."

Duck Dynasty airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on A&E.