Dynamite Revives 'The Bionic Woman' For Fourth Season

The Bionic Woman 1 Cover - P 2014
Sean Chen/Dynamite Entertainment

The Bionic Woman 1 Cover - P 2014

Following the success of The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six, Dynamite Entertainment is returning to the bionic well for its newly-announced series, The Bionic Woman: Season Four, bringing the classic Jaime Sommers back after almost four decades in limbo.

Written by Brandon Jerwa with art by David T. Cabrera, the new series follows the continuity of the original television show that ran from 1976 through 1978. In a statement accompanying the news from Dynamite, the writer points out that “if you’ve never seen the show, or haven’t read James Kuhoric’s Six Million Dollar Man comic, you’re still totally fine.” Nonetheless, he added, the comic is “a continuation of the classic TV series, so I’m definitely treating it as such in terms of continuity and thematic carry-through.”

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The series launches with Sommers (as played by Lindsay Wagner in the original series) on a “routine mission” to Mexico that, unsurprisingly, ends up being more dangerous than either she or her handlers in the Office of Scientific Intelligence had expected.

As with companion title The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six — which launched earlier this year, continuing the ABC series’ continuity — each issue of The Bionic Woman will be available in multiple editions, with the artwork on the regular cover (Provided for the first issue by Sean Chen) being replaced on variant editions with photographs of Wagner in action as the show’s lead.

This will be the second Bionic Woman series for Dynamite; the first, which ran from 2012-2013, took place in the continuity of the publisher's re-imagined Bionic Man series, adapted from an unmade movie screenplay rebooting the property written by Kevin Smith. The Bionic Woman had been revived earlier for a short-lived NBC television series in 2007.

The Bionic Woman: Season Four No. 1 will be available digitally and in comic stores this September.