E! and The Hollywood Reporter Join Forces on 'Actors Unscripted' Oscar Special (Video)

E! Entertainment and The Hollywood Reporter team up for the Oscar Special, Actors Unscripted, based around THR’s annual awards season roundtables with some of the most celebrated performers of our time, premiering Friday at 8 p.m. on E!.

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The actors share some very funny and touching moments from their career and shed light on the blessings and the curses of the craft. And unlike other awards specials featuring interviews with actors, these stories are being shared among their peers.

George Clooney, for example, explains how the difficulty of acting pales in comparison to the odd jobs he has held in his life.

“I remember I was selling women’s shoes at a department store, which is a lousy job,” Clooney, who is nominated for his performance in The Descendants at this year’s Oscars, remembers. “It was 80-year old women like, ‘That’s a hammertoe.’ You’re like ‘I don’t want to see that.’ Acting is not hard work. I cut tobacco for a living in Kentucky. That’s hard work.”

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And The Help’s Viola Davis remembers when she realized that the audience’s reaction couldn’t be the way she measured her performance.

“I remember the first time I walked out the stage door and I would get nothing from people,” the Best Actress nominee says. “I didn’t understand that people would not always be receptive and that you just have to be happy with your work, which is really hard for an actor because the audience and how it’s received is part of the joy of what you do.”

Watch a couple sneak peeks from the E! Entertainment special, The Hollywood Reporter Presents: Actors Unscripted, above and below.

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