Kim Kardashian Leads Kris Humphries On With Baby Talk on 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York'

After deciding to go off birth control, the reality star changes her mind (and doesn't tell husband, Kris Humphries) on Sunday's episode.
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Kim Kardashian caused a stir on Sunday’s episode of E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York when she got her then husband of just a few weeks, Kris Humphries, excited about having a baby.

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Kim had reached the end of her supply of birth control pills and she saw that as a sign that she should go off them completely and begin working on a family with Kris. Getting the prescription refilled would seem like a more logical next step, but this is Kim Kardashian (and her biological clock is ticking, apparenty). The decision then began to spiral out of control as she got her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s take on it (Go for it!) and her mother Kris Jenner's (You’re not ready!).

When she broke the news to Kris, he had to warm up to it at first. He also brought it to his friends for discussion as he contemplated life as a father. “I can’t be selfish anymore,” he said. Also, the two have a disagreement over where they should raise their kids, which includes the comment Kris made in the season teaser trailer about no one caring about Kim once she settles down to raise their children. Is he just being realistic and not mean? After all, how long can this reality stardom last?

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But, Kim decided to bring it to her best friend, former MTV VJ La La Vasquez. By the way, how many best friends does Kim have? I swear she’s given the title to dozens of people over the years. Kim felt La La could provide a perspective on the decision, since she’s married to an NBA player and she has a kid. What did La La think? It’s too fast. And boom, that was enough to change Kim’s mind.

The problem? Kris has come around to the idea and he seems really excited about having the baby. The other problem? Kim has decided to keep her decision to go back on birth control from him for the time being. Ruh roh.

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And next week: Kim finds one of her other best friends, publicist Jonathan Cheban, is writing a tell-all book about her. Ah, that’s why Kim needs lots of best friends – as backups.

What's your take on Kim's baby-gate? That was a very fortunate play on words, wasn't it?

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