'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Premiere: 5 Things It Actually Revealed

Kourtney and Kim Take New York 2011
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In many ways, it’s easy to dissect Sunday’s premiere of E!’s Kourtney & Kim Take New York for any signs of what eventually leads Kim Kardashian to file for divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. The network's freshly added True Hollywood Story-like opening tells us that much.

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With this first look at their relationship post-divorce filing, viewers can see that there are problems in the relationship for sure. At the same time, it’s clear that the couple believes they are in love. You may have a different take (and I trust that you do), but I won’t venture to say that what they’re feeling at the time this was shot isn’t real for them.

That said, there are certainly some core issues in the relationship that stem from the fact that the reality star and the athlete may have jumped into a commitment before they actually knew each other.

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Here are five things the series premiere actually revealed.

1. Family matters. For the sake of the show (assuming there would be no other reason to do so), the newlywed couple goes straight from their honeymoon to moving in to the same New York suite as sister Kourtney Kardashian, her boyfriend Scott Disick, and their baby, Mason. As any Kardashian fan knows, Kourtney and Scott’s off and on relationship has never gone very smoothly. So, Kris is quickly thrust into this unstable environment while his marriage is still just weeks old. It doesn’t take long before Kourtney and Scott’s problems, Kourtney’s new “holistic” lifestyle, and the baby begin to encroach on Kris’s space and off-season training schedule.

2. It’s more than just his mess. Much has been written about Kim’s annoyance of Kris’s messy ways. But, the bigger problem here is how he reacts to her feelings. Instead of deciding to be more conscientious about being a slob, he decides to create more mess in order to annoy her. This guy doesn’t like to be told what to do and Kim isn’t budging either.

3. The Kardashian limelight can be blinding. A “Welcome to New York” party is thrown in honor of the Kardashian girls and their men. According to Kim, they’re all obligated to attend. Kris believes they can get in and out, so he can get some sleep in order to wake up early the next morning to train. Instead, he’s overwhelmed at the size of the event, as well as the amount of press present. After realizing that they’re going to be there much longer than he had anticipated, he abandons Kim on the red carpet -- ignoring her pleas for him to stay -- and finds shelter in a back hall. You’d think he would have known better after the intense coverage of their wedding, but it seems he’s only then realizing what he got himself in to.

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4. Enough is enough. Scott becomes fed up with Kourtney’s constant criticism and leaves the house indefinitely. And Kris doesn’t like the idea of being the sole male in a house with two girls and a baby. The breaking point comes when Kourtney organizes a naked yoga session led by a guy. So, Kris walks in to find Kim (fully clothed to his relief), Kourtney, and their friends doing yoga led by this naked man and it becomes his breaking point. First, he offers to move Kourtney into her own room at the hotel and later decides to return home to Minnesota to continue training.

5. Career before marriage. While Kim sees letting Kris leave New York as being supportive of his career, they’ve both really missed the boat here. He probably would have stayed if Kourtney moved into another suite at the hotel and Kim made their relationship a priority. Or maybe, he should have placed his marriage before his career and tried to make the best of it – after all Kourtney is family now. One of them should have done something to accommodate the other’s needs and to stay together. Clearly, they’ve both placed their careers over their relationship when what this couple needed was more time together, not less.

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