'Kourtney and Kim Take New York': When Kim is Away, Kris Will Play (Video)

The men are left alone for a few days and things get out of hand.

Kris Humphries just wanted to party on Sunday’s episode of E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

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Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian had to leave the guys alone for a few days while they flew back to L.A. to promote their Kardashian Kollection at Sears. Before they left, the two women let Kris and Scott Disick know that they didn’t want anybody in their home while they were away.

But, Kris had other ideas. He had been mocking Scott on how whipped he is by Kourtney. He felt that it’s just as much his and Scott’s home as the women’s and if they wanted to have a few friends over, then they should be able to.

Still, Scott has gotten into enough trouble with Kourtney over his partying ways and he wanted nothing of it. Instead, he was trying to rediscover his Jewish roots, so he can pass that on to son, Mason. Yet, Kourtney felt he was jsut going through a religious “phase.”

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But, Kris’ idea of having a just a few people over to an after-party at the apartment got out of control as friends brought friends and then some. So when Scott returned from temple, he found a full on rager going. Knowing this won’t turn out well for either of them, he asked Kris to shut it down. And the two decided they’d keep the party secret from the girls – guy code, bro.

Meanwhile, Kim was dealing with the news that her friend, publicist Jonathan Cheban, was writing a tell-all book about her. After she asked him to dinner to see if he’d tell her himself and he didn’t, she walked out on him. That was followed by a series of Twitter wars before mom Kris Jenner got her hands on the book proposal. And… it ended up being a how to guide on becoming an “It girl” using Kim as an example in the most favorable of terms. At that point, Jonathan wasn’t taking Kim’s calls, so she decided to ambush him back in New York.

When the women return from L.A., they find the place had been recently cleaned up and a few vodka bottles were sitting on a shelf. So they were already suspicious, but then Kim receives an email from a friend showing some girls tweeting photos taken in the apartment (which probably explains this gossip). Busted!

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Scott decided to exercise his right to take the blame for the party under, yep, guy code. He felt that he could save Kris, who was still new to world of Kardashian women, from some grief. That didn’t help with his new plan to introduce Judaism into Mason’s life as Kourtney wondered about the example he was setting for their son.

But when Kim brought the party up to Kris and wondered how Scott could do such a thing, her new hubby couldn’t let Scott take the fall for him. So, he confessed all. Kim was angry that he lied to her, but she agreed that he should be allowed him to have just his friends over in the future.

Speaking of friends, Kim’s ambush apology at Jonathan’s apartment doesn’t go over well. And it’s clear he doesn’t want anything to do with her. So when she returns to the apartment, Kris suggests she write him something for the book. She puts together a forward to the book, but decides not to send it. Then, Jonathan shows up at their place with a smile on his face. Turns out Kris emailed the forward to him without telling his wife. And all is good once again between the two pals. Sometimes, Kris’ secrets aren’t all bad, eh?

As for Scott’s religious “phase,” Kourtney decided to support him in it and he ended the week by throwing his first Shabbat dinner – yamakas for everyone!

Did you think Kris was out of line or did he have the right to party on? Tell us in the comments section below.

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