'After Earth' Parody Trailer Mocks Will Smith (Video)

After Earth Will Smith Sophie Okonedo - H 2013
Columbia Pictures

After Earth Will Smith Sophie Okonedo - H 2013

So, how bad was After Earth? It bombed at the box office and was a rare misstep for Will Smith.

But perhaps even more telling: The M. Night Shyamalan film drove the Honest Trailers narrator to do something he's never done before -- quit before his work was done. In the latest installment of the series from Break Media’s Screen Junkies, the narrator urges us to watch as "Will Smith, one of the world's most charismatic actors, plays a man with no charisma."

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The trailer also takes issue with the characters' names, such as Cypher Rage, and how the animals on Earth aren't the vicious predators they are made out to be.

"Watch a movie of Will Smith watching a movie of Jaden Smith in the most blatant example of Hollywood nepotism since the third generation of the Wayans brothers," the narrator says, noting how the elder Smith spends much of the film stuck in a ship as he looks at a live feed of his son.

Watch the trailer below.