Earthquake on East Coast: 5 Over-The-Top Hollywood Portrayals (Video)

Fortunately, Tuesday's tremors were decidedly less disastrous than Tinsel Town would have made them out to be.

The 5.9 earthquake that originated in Virginia and felt in other cities on the East Coast, including New York City and Washington, D.C. was decidedly less disastrous than Hollywood has portrayed the rare natural occurrence.

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In several movies and television specials, the film and TV industry has tried to instill fear in the minds of East Coasters who aren’t used to the land tremors like those of us who live on the West Coast. Crumbling buildings, huge tsunamis, and people running in fear – that’s how we’re told an East Coast earthquake is supposed to go down.

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Here are 5 outrageous Hollywood portrayals of earthquakes hitting the East Coast.

Aftershock: Earthquake in New YorkThis two-part series aired on CBS in 1999 and starred Charles S. Dutton and Sharon Lawrence. Let’s just say the poster portrays the Statue of Liberty’s head lying in the New York Harbor.

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The Day After TomorrowThe 2004 Jake Gyllenhaal starrer portrayed the effects of global warming, which included the the collapse of large ice masses (yes, we're pushing it here) triggers a tidal wave that envelopes New York City.

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Mega Disasters: East Coast TsunamiHistory Channel presented this documentary as part of its Mega Disasters series in 2006, which shows how a massive land fault from Africa can produce a tsunami that would ravage New York, Boston, Baltimore and Miami.

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2012 – The 2009 film starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet played out the supposed events of the apocalypse scheduled to hit us next year, which included earthquakes happening in not just the East Coast, but everywhere.

MegaFault – Syfy’s 2009 original film stars Brittany Murphy as a seismologist who tries to stop an enormous manmade earthquake fault in Iowa before it reaches other parts of North America. We also learn in this flick that fault lines chase us.

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