'Elementary' First Look: Moriarty Makes a Dramatic Return (Exclusive Video)

One of Sherlock Holmes' biggest adversaries is headed back to New York City.

CBS' Elementary returns after the holiday break with the first episode of 2014 focusing on the return of Natalie Dormer's Jamie Moriarty (formerly known as Irene Adler).

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the 30-second TV spot that will begin playing on the small screen Dec. 26 through Jan. 2, when the episode airs. In "The Diabolical Kind," Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) come face-to-face with Moriarty when the NYPD brings her in to consult on a kidnapping case.

Set to Radical Face's unsettling ballad "The Crooked Kind," the promo opens up immediately with a tense exchange between Holmes and Moriarty. "You look a bit tired," Moriarty tells her former love. "You look a bit evil," Holmes fires back.

With their history, things are bound to get complicated when Holmes and Moriarty meet again. In one moment, Watson rightly asserts that Holmes still lights a small fire for his ex-lover. Watch the new promo above.

Elementary returns Jan. 2 on CBS.

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