'SNL': Eli Manning Spoofs Big Brother Peyton Manning's 2007 'Saturday Night Live' Skit (Video)

SNL Eli Manning Little Brothers

Eli Manning understands the frustration of having an older brother who thinks he can boss you around. The NY Giants quarterback may have won two Superbowl trophies, but he still has issues about big brother Peyton Manning, new quarterback for the Denver Broncos. 

Leading up to Eli's S hosting gig, audiences wondered aloud how the athlete would compare to his older brother's surprisingly excellent comedic timing when he hosted back in 2007. Would he get as many viewers? Would he get big laughs? Would Peyton be making a cameo?

Well Eli surprisingly did very well. He had some awkward moments (stumbling around on stage while dressed in drag), but overall the football star was funny. But perhaps his best bit was a public service announcement, which bore a similarity to another Manning's PSA on SNL five years earlier.

If you recall, the older Manning did a PSA for United Way, playing football with kids. Only it turns out, well, he was kind of a jerk. ("I'll kill a snitch. I'm not saying I have, and I'm not saying I haven't. Whatever, you kids don't know s---.")

So this time around, the younger Manning may have been feeling the pressure to live up to his big bro. His response? A public service announcement of his own, for the "Little Brothers" organization. He seems to speak from experience: "Because we all know that big brothers can be real d---heads."

"Maybe now you'll learn to treat your little brother with respect, Peyton!" Eli yells at a big brother (Andy Samburg), as he locks him in the trunk of a car. "My name's not Peyton!" Samburg responds.


Watch Peyton's 2007 United Way PSA for SNL:


Watch Eli's "Little Brothers" PSA for SNL: