Watch Elizabeth Banks, James Corden Give Lap Dances to Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (Video)

James Corden Elizabeth Banks H 2015

James Corden Elizabeth Banks H 2015

Jane Fonda has legendary dance parties, and everyone wants in.

"My boyfriend and I like to dance," explained the Grace and Frankie star on The Late Late Show on Thursday. "Out here, everybody's so worried about being right, looking good and doing it right, so we decided that we were just gonna have parties that had no purpose except for people to dance."

Among the guest list: Chelsea Handler, Mary McCormack, Spike Jonze, Bennett Miller, Catherine Keener and "little ladybug" Ellen PageElizabeth Banks has been — twice, but as a plus-one. Lily Tomlin has not, though she thought she had.

Therefore, Banks and host James Corden put on their best moves — including little lap dances — to nab an invite.

Watch the video below.