Elizabeth Banks Sings a Demented Ballad With Reggie Watts for 'Comedy Bang! Bang!'

The "Hunger Games" star shows off some vocal talent in what devolves into a jibberish-fest with the musician and comedian.

Elizabeth Banks and Reggie Watts, at some point, built a Lincoln Log cabin. There was a fire involved, somehow. And marijuana. The rest of the story, well, is really up to interpretation.

Banks, who has carved out a sizable spot in the comedy scene with roles in projects such as 30 Rock and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, appears in the latest episode of the podcast-turned-IFC show, Comedy Bang! Bang!. Which means, of course, a duet with funnyman and impressive keyboardist Watts.

There is a pretty decent chance (read: 100%) that Watts and Banks improvised the lyrics here, though maybe, just maybe, they enjoyed a night of drugs and log cabins.

You decide: