Elizabeth Warren's Healthcare Plans Take Center Stage in 'SNL' Cold Open

The Nov. 2 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live tackled the Democratic presidential nomination race in its cold open. It focused on Elizabeth Warren, played by Kate McKinnon, who again brought an intense energy to her impression.

"I’m in my natural habitat: public school on a weekend," McKinnon’s Warren said at the top of the sketch. "First, I would like to pour one out for Beto O’Rourke," she added, referencing the fact that O’Rourke recently dropped out of the race.

"Thank you for bringing up healthcare. That is my 'Despacito,'" she said after a town hall question about healthcare.

"Nobody asks Biden how to pay for stuff, because his plans are so vague," McKinnon’s Warren said while making a joke that all Joe Biden’s plans are is "remembering Obama."

She also said she was "dead in the water" because of her plans to cut military spending.

"Way to subtly ask if I'm electable. That's my kink," McKinnon's Warren said in response to a question from a citizen played by fellow castmember Melissa Villaseñor.

"Your insurance is like a bad boyfriend. Girl, listen to me. You need to leave him," she said about her plan to improve healthcare.

She also said that her favorite television show is Ballers.