Elmo Defends Redheads on 'Conan' (Video)

The Sesame Street Muppet made a PSA announcement on the TBS late-night show.

Redheads have to stick together.

On TBS’ Conan on Monday night, the late-night host talked about the recent string of bullying attacks, often against red headed children. He said that the issue if, of course, very close to his heart (and head) and so he decided to send out a message, teaming up with a very famous redhead.

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The tallest redhead around, Conan O’Brien, teamed up with the shortest redhead in entertainment, Sesame Street’s Elmo, to bring a positive message to red headed children around the world.

“I called up the good people at Sesame Street, and I asked them, if maybe to help this problem, to help stop it, maybe Elmo could make a public service announcement to teach kids that redheads are people too,” O’Brien said.

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In the video, Elmo talks to the audience about being a red head and that he knows some people “think having red hair is different or strange.”

“Elmo is here to say having red hair is really cool,” Elmo said in the video.

The Muppet then lists people with red hair including snowboarder Shawn White, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, and O’Brien.