Emily Blunt on Not Having to Learn Many Lines for Horror 'A Quiet Place'

Emily Blunt doesn’t mind keeping quiet. At least she didn't while filming A Quiet Place, which was written and directed by husband John Krasinski, who also plays Blunt’s spouse in the Paramount Pictures horror film.

During a Thursday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actress explained that she and Krasinski play a couple who live in isolation with their two children. Every day, the foursome make a concerted attempt to not make any noise in fear of being attacked by creatures who are “acutely attracted to sound.”

In one scene, which was screened on The Late Show, her pregnant character, Evelyn, is forced to endure labor in a bathtub in complete silence because, as she told the late-night host, “there’s some kind of hideous creature coming up the stairs.” The tense scene, she said, made some of the men on set squirm. "Crewmembers were slightly disturbed by it," she recalled. "And then women were crossing their legs watching it."

When Colbert mentioned to Blunt that the “plus side” of acting out that particular scene was that she “didn’t have to learn any lines,” the Golden Globe winner was quick to agree. “Isn’t that great?” she enthused. “Huge plus!”

Other than not having to memorize much of a script, Blunt told Colbert that the second biggest perk of working on A Quiet Place was watching her husband flex his creative muscles. The project marks Krasinski’s first screenplay and his third directorial effort since he and Blunt got married in 2010.

Though Blunt doesn’t “particularly love horror movies,” she couldn’t pass up A Quiet Place “because John wrote it, No. 1, and it is amazing.” However, she wasn’t convinced until she read Krasinski’s script.

“When he pitched me the one-liner of it — because he had been offered it as an actor — I was like, ‘Oh, well that’s an amazing idea. You should direct that movie,’” she recounted. “Then he wrote it and I previously suggested a friend of mine for the film. And then I read his script and I was like, ‘You need to fire her — now. You need to call her and fire her!’”

A Quiet Place hits theaters April 6.