Emma Stone Talks Kissing Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield on 'Ellen' (Video)

The "Amazing Spider-Man" actress compares filming love scenes with the actors to "apples and oranges."

Emma Stone undergoes a grilling on Wednesday's Ellen. Namely, which co-star does she prefer during kissing scenes: Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield?

It's a loaded question, since Stone is said to be dating Garfield in real life. The two will soon be seen in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, slated for release July 4.

Stone starred as Gosling's love interest in the 2011 romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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When pressed by host Ellen DeGeneres, Stone compared love scenes with Gosling and Garfield to "apples and oranges" before conceding, diplomatically, "I love all fruit!"

DeGeneres also scared Stone, who's spider-phobic, with some fake tarantulas, prompting the actress to declare: "You are the worst!"

Watch video of her appearance below.