'Saturday Night Live' Promos Showcase Emma Stone's Comedic Wizardry (Video)

Emma Stone - SNL Promo - Screen Capture - 2011

The Help star Emma Stone returns for her second stint hosting Saturday Night Live this week and NBC has released the first promos touting her gig.

Below, the various lines. Which one's the funniest?

1) "Hi I'm SNL and I'm hosting Emma Stone this week with musical guest Coldplay," Stone says. "Emma!," SNL regular Fred Armisen responds before Stone starts laughing.

2) "Hi I'm Emma Stone and I'm hosting SNL this week with musical guest Coldplay." "Watch this. Say that again," Armisen says, before playing with the soundboard. Stone goes on to repeat the line faster in a higher voice before going down several registers. "How'd you do that?," Stone asks. "You did it, the power of your mind!," Armisen deadpanned.

3) Armisen is amazed by Stone's knowledge of the soundboard, commenting on her wizardry in the studio. Cut to Stone wearing a wizard's beard and hat. And before Armisen can do another take, Stone is back to normal.

4) Armisen and Stone find themselves in a "Emma! Fred! Emma!" gag.

5) The pair are caught lusting after each other with knowing glazes, perfected by the soaps.

Stone, who stars as Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man reboot first hosted SNL on Oct. 23, 2010. That episode had Stone in a digital shorto as a girl who kept slipping on grape jelly, "Dream Home Extreme" and playing Lindsay Lohan. Saturday's episode marks Coldplay's first appearance on the late-night sketch show since 2008.

Watch the promos below: