5 Ways 'Breaking Bad' Made a Big Impression at Its Final Emmys

Emmys - Breaking Bad - Cranston, Gunn, Paul - H 2014
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It was a good night for Breaking Bad.

The AMC/Sony Pictures TV drama series was the big winner at Monday's Emmy Awards, which also marked the show's final appearance at the ceremony, given that it ended its run earlier this year. To honor that, we look back at the night's best Bad moments.

1. The show's awards haul
Breaking Bad went out with a bang, winning five trophies at the ceremony. Among its awards: best drama series; acting honors for Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn; and best drama writing for Moira Walley-Beckett (the show also won an editing award for Skip MacDonald at last week's Creative Awards Emmys). 


2. Cranston's acceptance speech
After winning best actor in a drama — his fourth statuette for his role as Walter White — the actor joked about fellow nominee Matthew McConaughey's favored status: "Even I thought about voting for Matthew." He then went on to talk about how after being a kid who "always looked for the shortcut," he is grateful that he "stumble[d] upon finding a passion that created a seed and bloomed into something so wonderful for me." He also singled out co-stars Paul and Gunn, saying of the former, "I love you so much. You were with me all the way and I so appreciate that and helping each other." As for his TV wife, played by Gunn, Cranston said, "I love you and especially those scenes in bed."


3. Paul's tribute to Cranston
While accepting his best supporting actor trophy, Paul said of his co-star: "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss running to work to be able to work opposite you, my friend." 


4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' make-out session with Cranston
The Breaking Bad star got rather friendly with his one-time love interest on Seinfeld. Earlier in the show, the two presenters had joked onstage about his guest-starring role on her '90s series, with her claiming she didn't remember his role as a dentist and that the two had kissed on the show. When the Veep star's name was later called as winner of best comedy actress, she found Cranston in the audience and made out with him.


5. Cranston's mustache
Who can rock a Vincent Price mustache and make it look cool in 2014? Bryan Cranston, that's who. The actor debuted his new look at Monday night's show. Wonder what Louis-Dreyfus thought of it?

Aaron Couch and Ryan Gajewski contributed to this report.