Emmys 2012: On Red Carpet, Jimmy Fallon Cracks About Honey Boo Boo and Amanda Bynes

The NBC "Late Night" host brought some pop culture humor to his brief interview.

Jimmy Fallon joked that many people -- including even his own mother -- were under the false impression that he would be hosting tonight's Emmy Awards. Of course, it's Jimmy Kimmel that's hosting the night's festivities, but Fallon was able to sneak in a few host-worthy cracks during his red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest.

"I'm happy to be alive," Fallon told the venerable E! sideline man. "Amanda Bynes gave me a ride over."

Bynes, of course, isn't doing much driving these days due to some alleged difficulties she's had behind the wheel.

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When Fallon was asked to give some insight into Kimmel's preparation, he voiced confidence in the ABC host -- but then quickly steered the conversation back to pop culture punchlines.

"Right now he's pacing back and forth, he's going over his opening monologue, making sure that is going well," Fallon said. "He's going to kill it. He's probably going to have some Honey Boo Boo jokes in there. She's having a raging afterparty by the way. Honey Boo Boo, thanks for the invite. We're gonna be doing some belly flopping, some tooth swapping, it's going to be nuts tonight."

If Fallon gets a chance to host the Oscars this winter, perhaps he'll get to continue the monologue.