Emmys 2012: Tracy Morgan's 'Passing Out' Stunt a Massive Twitter Success

A prank by host Jimmy Kimmel led to a deluge of social media activity.

If you were surfing Twitter instead of watching the Primetime Emmys on TV, there's a pretty good chance that changed about halfway through the show. At least for a minute or two, anyway.

Host Jimmy Kimmel -- famous for his YouTube and Twitter-based challenges to his audience -- used the awards show platform to prank the nation on Sunday evening. He urged everyone in the audience and at home to tweet, in unison, "OMG Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage during the Emmys, turn on ABC."

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To top it off, he even got the nunchucks-toting, sparkly tuxedo-wearing 30 Rock star to sprawl himself flat on the stage for a number of minutes, adding to the effect (and perhaps throwing off presenters Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere).

Viewers followed through, leading to a boom of 25,000 tweets immediately after Kimmel made the request.

Kimmel himself tweeted from backstage, adding to the social media flavor of the evening.