Cameron Monaghan Praises His Lone 'Shameless' Emmy Hope, Joan Cusack (Video)

With polls for Emmy voters still open through Aug. 24, The Hollywood Reporter's original short-form political commercials for the 2012 Emmy race continue.

Nominee co-stars past and present tell the Emmy electorate why their candidate deserves your vote, be it with sarcasm or sincerity.

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THR will post a new video every few days, and upcoming installments include CBS' The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife and NBC's Parenthood.

The latest spot offers a nice followup to Ben Schwartz' profanity-laden shill for House of Lies' co-star Don Cheadle -- "I've been waiting to tell the world how much of an a--hole he is" -- with Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan giving an earnest endorsement for nominated guest actress Joan Cusack.

Monaghan describes his Emmy-worthy co-star as "brilliant," "awesome," "incredible" and wildly skilled at charades. He then addresses the elephant in the room: For the second year running, Cusack is the series' lone nominee.

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"Vote for us in best show... nope, we weren't nominated for that," he says. "If you like pour show, show it by voting for Joan Cusack."

That's a lot of pressure.

Watch Monaghan's complete endorsement in the video above, and for more clips of actors stumping for their Emmy contender co-stars -- or themselves -- click back to THR’s The Live Feed.