Ben Schwartz on Emmy Nominee Don Cheadle: 'I've Been Waiting to Tell the World How Much of an A--hole He Is' (Video)

The Hollywood Reporter is kicking off a new element of its awards coverage with original short-form political commercials for the 2012 Emmy race - and the polls for Emmy voters close on Aug. 24.

In the videos, co-stars past and present tell the Emmy electorate why their candidate deserves your vote.

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Every few days, THR will post a new video -- look for posts supporting Showtime's Shameless, CBS's The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife and NBC's Parenthood.

Our series begins with today's entrant: Ben Schwartz from Showtime's House of Lies stumping for co-star Don Cheadle, who's nominated for a Best Actor Emmy.

THR asked Schwartz to speak on behalf of Cheadle and explain why Emmy voters should throw their support behind the nominee for best actor.

His response was profanity-filled, unflattering, and painted Cheadle in a whole new light. Watch above.

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“I’m so happy that you guys asked me to do this,” he says. “I’ve honestly been looking for the exact moment to tell the world how bad Don Cheadle is and how much of an asshole he is.”

When prompted by a producer to tell the camera that Cheadle has inspired him, Schwartz fires back: “It’s gonna be tough. I’m gonna throw up if I have to say that.”

See Schwartz's full rant in the video above, and for more clips of actors stumping for their Emmy contender co-stars -- or themselves -- click back to THR’s The Live Feed.

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