Emmys 2012: Jimmy Kimmel Enlists TV Talent, Joe Manganiello's Plumber Crack (Video)

In the first promo for the "Live!" host's upcoming M.C. gig, stars of "Modern Family," "Glee" and "The Office" help him out around the house.

With less than three weeks to go before the Emmys, ABC is plugging the broadcast with the first promo starring 2012 host Jimmy Kimmel.

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"Ever since they asked me to host the Emmys, my life has gotten so much easier," he says, before a parade of television stars are shown helping him around the house.

Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez files the late night host's tax returns, Glee star Jane Lynch screams something indiscernible while blowing leaves off of his deck and Joe Manganiello, with a partially exposed rear, goes to work on the plumbing under Kimmel's sink.

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There's also Beth Behrs soaking down his car and, perhaps funniest, John Krasinski dressed like an old-time chauffeur and carrying Kimmel to work on his back.

Watch the clip below, and expect a few more ahead of the Sept. 23 festivities.