Emmys: Late-Night Hosts Celebrate and Poke Fun at Nominations

Late-night hosts were in a celebratory mood Thursday after the nominations for this year’s Emmys ceremony were announced earlier that day. 

Among those nominated included Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in categories that include best variety talk series, variety special, writing for a variety series and directing for a variety series. 

Kimmel was quick to mention his nominations during his Thursday-night monologue, also poking some fun at the annual ceremony. "Thank you for joining us on what is a day of much celebration and even frustration here in Hollywood. It is Emmy Nomination day. One of our most self-important days of the year," the host joked. 

Kimmel then proceeded to joke that the series earned "46 Emmys," before revealing that it only received two, compared to Netflix's "112 nominations."  "You have to remember Netflix has more than two thousand shows," he added.

Kimmel also took a moment to poke fun at ABC, the late-night show's home network, for cancelling Roseanne, which was recognized as the network's most successful show in ratings. "What is really impressive is that our network, ABC, got 31 nominations with almost no popular shows. OK? We had one and we cancelled it." 

Though Corden, Meyers and Noah are on leave this week, the late-night hosts still took to Twitter to celebrate their Emmy noms. Cohen didn't address the nomination on his show, but tweeted his celebrations for earning two noms. Bee also tweeted about her nomination: Her show normally airs on Wednesday nights.  

Stephen Colbert additionally opted to celebrate the news on Twitter: "Congrats to my team at The Late Show for being nominated for 3 Emmys! It’s what we in the biz call 'The Full Cookie Monster': Nom, nom, nom!" he joked.