Tiffany Haddish Reveals Favorite Moments From Her First Emmys

Tiffany Haddish dished on her very first trip to the Emmys during her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday.

Haddish, who is busy promoting her new comedy Night School, which also stars Kevin Hart, won her first Emmy earlier this month for best guest actress in a comedy series for her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

"It was a really fun night," she told Colbert of her first trip to the annual awards show. "Getting to hang out with Angela Bassett, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. And then my favorite part of the night was how when they were announcing your name, the audience was going bananas," she said of Colbert, who was nominated for outstanding writing for a variety series.

"Did he pay these people for this?" she joked. "I want people to scream for me like that one day," she said, which prompted the audience to burst into cheers and chant her name, to which the comedian joked, "Y'all better stop before I run for president."

"Please do," Colbert told her. Haddish also recounted one of her other favorite memories from the night: meeting fellow winner Henry Winkler (who won best supporting actor in a comedy for his role on HBO's Barry). 

Haddish, who has three films coming out in the next three months, also discussed her upcoming projects and how she chooses them.

"My goal is to do 50 movies by the time I'm 50, right," she said. "They're not all going to be great movies. But the thing that makes me decide if I'll do the movie is if it resonates with my spirit. Does it make me laugh? Does it make me feel something?" 

Of Night School, she said the educational comedy is about second chances. "Just because you didn't make it through high school the first time doesn't mean you can't try it again," she explained. 

In the film, Haddish plays a night school teacher, and Hart is one of her students. As for what kind of student she was, Haddish said she focused on making the teacher laugh. "I would love me [as a student] because I was a funny kid. I might not have had the best learning capability but I was fun!"

Night School opens in theaters Sept. 28.