Emmys: TV Academy Decides Three Hourlongs Will Compete as Comedies

The first decisions after a rule change keeps 'Shameless' from shifting back to drama.
The CW
'Jane the Virgin'

That was quick. Just a month after announcing that hourlongs would have to be screened by a panel before being allowed to be submitted as comedies in the Emmy race, the TV Academy announced the first batch of series that have been deemed eligible.

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Shameless, Jane the Virgin and Glee all met the nine-member panel's two-thirds vote required to be lumped in with comedies and not dramas, now that the TV Academy has deemed hourlongs to be dramas by default. For Shameless, it means that the Showtime series won't have to shift back after last year's move from drama.

More series likely will be announced in the coming weeks, including a decision on where Orange Is the New Black will compete after making its Emmy debut as a comedy in 2014 — despite its hourlong status.

"These are not hard-and-fast rules," academy chairman and CEO Bruce Rosenblum told The Hollywood Reporter in February. "This has been a gray area in our rules for quite a while."