Emmys Women on Punching Jimmy Kimmel: 'Like Hitting a Soft Bag of Cheese' (Video)

Stars of the dark awards show opener talk about what it felt like to repeatedly punch the show's host in the face.

The all-star, all-female cast of the infamous "bathroom sketch" that opened the 2012 Emmys shared some some of its secrets in a short documentary that aired on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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The sketch saw nominees like Julia Louis-DreyfusZooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks, Martha Plimpton, Kathy Bates and Mindy Kaling punching Jimmy Kimmel in the face in order to undo the effects of a botched Botox procedure.

"I just really went to town on his face," Bates says.

"I also punched Martha Plimpton," Connie Britton admits -- and we see her wind up to take a crack, accidentally getting the Raising Hope star "right in the nose" with her elbow.

VIDEO: Emmys 2012: Jimmy Kimmel's Opening Bathroom Sketch an Edgy Beginning

Plimpton, meanwhile, likens punching Kimmel to "hitting a bag of soft cheese. Maybe a brie."