'Empire' Finale: Jamal and Hakeem Deal With Their Anger (Exclusive Video)

It's a role reversal of sorts for Jamal and Hakeem Lyon in this exclusive 'Empire' season-finale clip.

Sometimes it's a wonder what the members of Empire's Lyon family will forgive versus what they won't forget.

After the events of "Sins of the Father," nearly everyone within the Lyon family has a reason to be upset with Lucious (Terrence Howard), but arguably none more so than Jamal (Jussie Smollett), who learned Lola (Leah Jeffries) was not his daughter but actually his baby sister.

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After weeks of letting Jamal get attached, Lucious blurted out the truth to save his son's life when Olivia's boyfriend had a gun on him. Yet, in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive sneak peek from the Fox hip-hop drama's season finale, Jamal is actually the one trying to convince Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) that their father isn't so bad.

Um, what??

"At this time, it’s like, 'How many times can Lucious Lyon show that he ain’t shit?' At this point, are we really surprised by the kinds of things Lucious does? We’re not shocked! [Jamal]’s upset, and he’s hurt, and he’s pissed off, but keep in mind, it was only a couple weeks, and as much as he loved this baby girl, I think it was more about he saw what his life could be if he had a child [in general], and it was a really awesome thing. I think he kind of got caught up in the idea of, 'Oh wow, this is somebody who loves me so much — only me — in that way, unconditionally.' He fell into it. Jamal is also very zen in his anger and very much has his eyes on the prize at this point. He’s smart. He knows what he’s doing!" Smollett told THR.

On the other hand, Hakeem is "really mad" at Lucious for what occurred with Camilla (Naomi Campbell). "The crazy thing is each member of the Lyons [are] deeply mad at Lucious, and it’s a crazy mental state to be in because you don’t know what that person may do," Gray explained. "For Hakeem, it's anger, drinking, smoking marijuana, dealing with Camilla and Lucious. He’s a train wreck right now. He needs his father’s guidance, but he doesn’t have it."

Take a look at the clip from "Die but Once" below.

Empire's two-hour season finale airs Wednesday, March 18, at 8 p.m. on Fox. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Empire coverage every day this week.

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