'Empire' First Listen: Hakeem Vows to Make Nessa His in Romantic Duet (Exclusive)

Empire - Still - Chimes at Midnight - H - 2016
Chuck Hodes/FOX

It looks like Hakeem isn't going down without a fight on Empire.

Tensions flared between the youngest Lyon sibling (Bryshere Gray) and his older brother Andre (Trai Byers) when Hakeem discovered Andre was involved with the recent object of Hakeem's affection, Nessa (Sierra McClain). Despite her romance with his brother, Hakeem forges ahead in Wednesday's new episode by recording a romantic duet with Nessa.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive first listen of the track, titled "Nobody Else But You," Hakeem vows "I'm going to make you mine" and proclaims "you know that you're my number one."

Does Nessa's participation mean she's reconsidering her relationship with Andre? Or is the duet just for appearances after Andre and Hakeem's fight streamed live to the world? 

One thing's for sure: the chemistry between Hakeem and Nessa cannot be denied.

“This is definitely one of my favorite records I've cut so far. It's very reminiscent of those old school, throwback, old-fashioned love songs," McClain tells THR. "Sonically, I love the vocal chemistry between Hakeem and Nessa. It's one of those year-round, 'just let the top down and blast it' records.”

Listen to the duet, available Friday on iTunes, below:


Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.