'Enlisted': Is Pete on the Move? (Exclusive Video)

Enlisted Screen Grab - H 2013

Enlisted Screen Grab - H 2013

Fox's freshman comedy Enlisted is looking for even more brotherly love.

The comedy, which this week moves to its new 9 p.m. slot, will explore how much brotherly love is too much when Randy (Parker Young) practically begs Pete (Geoff Stults) to bunk with his two younger brothers.

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Inspired by a three-layered Japanese bed, the overly sensitive Randy presents what he thinks is a winning pitch to have even more family time with his super-soldier big brother -- much to Derrick's (Chris Lowell) chagrin.

Enlisted, loosely based on showrunner Kevin Biegel's relationship with his two younger brothers, starts out with a Stripes influence before humor from M*A*S*H creeps in.

Speaking to reporters at TCA last week, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said the network will stick with Enlisted through its 13-episode run with the hopes that the critical favorite but low-rated comedy will improve with DVR viewing.

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Factoring in three-day returns from the season premiere Enlisted is already off to a good start, posting an 86 percent increase.

Check out the exclusive clip from Friday's episode, below.

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