Annoying Celeb Voices Can Be Muted on TV With New Invention

You can pre-program names, which will be muted via closed captioning by the "Enough Already" machine.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1

Can't stand the voices of a few TV stars or a news anchor?

No problem.

Thanks to a new invention called The Enough Already Project, you can program specific names and your TV will mute them by scanning closed captioning.

Matt Richardson invented the device, as first reported by Time magazine. The machine combines an Arduino board and a video experimenter shield. It uses an infrared beam to send a 30-second "mute" to the TV, and will repeat the command if the unwanted name appears again in closed captioning within 30 seconds.

It connects to any cable box.

When asked about his inspiration, Richardson says, "I'm getting sick of hearing about the same people on TV over and over and over again."

In a three-minute demo on how to make it posted on YouTube, Richardson says he set up "Enough Already" on Kim Kardashian's name "so I can avoid all the details" on her wedding. He also shows photos of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen.

The invention can also be used to block commercials or censor shows.

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