Entourage Movie Script Being Written This Year, Doug Ellin Confirms

He tells THR he's "going to start writing it in the next six months."
Claudette Barius/HBO

The cast and crew of HBO’s Entourage gathered last night at New York’s Beacon Theater for a celebratory red carpet premiere of the first two episodes from the show’s eighth and final season.
Entourage creator Doug Ellin, with his wife and children, said that although he does not have a favorite character, he believes the eighth season is his favorite.

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“Right now, it’s the last one we did,” Ellin said. “It’s in my mind, and I feel good about it, so we’ll see. Hopefully the audience agrees.”
Ellin also confirmed that a feature film version of Entourage is in the works, though he does not yet know the plot. “I’m gonna start writing it in the next six months,” he said.
Entourage executive producer and writer Rob Weiss said the creative team had explored every storyline they wanted to cover, but acknowledged the show’s early difficulties. Some ideas had to be scrapped.
“The first three scripts that we ever wrote all got thrown away,” Weiss said. “We did an episode where the guys were sitting in the car, and Vince was on Howard Stern, but he never saw Vince, it was just the guys munching on bagels and talking … But we got to pretty much everything we wanted to get to.”
The show’s four main leads were all smiles, sharing fond memories of their experiences with the show.

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“Just knowing that I was part of something that was so important to so many people,” said Adrian Grenier, who plays movie star Vincent Chase. “You look back in history, there are great moments in time, great moments in television, and I feel like we were part of that. And I’m very proud.”
Kevin Connolly, who plays Chase’s best friend and manager Eric Murphy, explained that he loved all the travel the show provided, as well as the opportunities to film at Lakers games and a U2 concert.
“My favorite thing was when we made Medellien,” he said, referring to a fictional film made within the show. “We actually made it out to Colombia, we were actually in the jungle making a movie. That whole season, how we went from making a movie to taking it all the way to Cannes, was the highlight.”
“The scripts were great, a pleasure to read,” said Kevin Dillon, who plays Vince’s older brother Johnny Drama. “From week to week, you don’t know what you’re going to get, and you’re always pleasantly surprised by some outrageous thing that Johnny Drama’s going to do.”
Numerous celebrities, many of whom have had cameos on the show, also appeared for the premiere. Among them: Wladimir Klitschko, David Schwimmer, and Andrew Dice Clay, who has a recurring role in the eighth season as Johnny Drama’s co-star in the fictional animated series Johnny’s Bananas.
AMC’s Mad Men and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire also made appearances in the forms of actors Bryan Batt and Michael K. Williams, who offered updates on their respective shows.
“We start filming in August,” said Batt on Mad Men, who plays art director Sal Ramano on the AMC show. Batt was scarce with details, claiming he knew as much as the audience about what would happen in season five, though he promised new episodes would debut in 2012.
Williams confirmed that Boardwalk Empire’s second season, set to debut this Fall, will explore the theme of family.

“You get to go into the inner workings of these character’s families, and find out what makes them tick," Williams said. "Why they are the way they are.”


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