'Entourage's' Vanity Fair Storyline: How Real Was It?

On the HBO show's August 28 episode Vince gets to read a his cover story before it goes to print.
Claudette Barius/HBO

Entourage has made a name for itself by having storylines that Hollywood insiders frequently call true to life.

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But, their August 28 episode, which featured the continuation of Vince's potential Vanity Fair cover storyline, stretched the truth just a bit.

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In the episode, Vince (Adrian Grenier), who had been interviewed by a particularly good looking Vanity Fair writer, Sophia (Alice Eve) the week before, gets word that the article has been chosen for the cover. Great news. Bad news? Vince and his publicist Shauna (Debi Mazar) get an advanced copy of the story and the actor is described as being an "insecure womanizer."

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Vince is upset and tracks Sophia down at a restaurant and tries (unsuccessfully) to change her mind about his treatment of women -- both for the piece and for his own peace of mind.

The only problem? The entire storyline would never have happened in real life. Vanity Fair tells The Hollywood Reporter that the magazine "would never let a subject see his or her story in advance."

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Vince's little showdown would have had to wait until after his cover went on sale. And while in this case the show took some creative liberties for the sake of a storyline, don't expect Vanity Fair to be upset by the flawed use
of their brand. A rep for the monthly magazine says its standard practice for shows and movies to clear the use of the Vanity Fair name through Conde Nast's Rights and Permissions office.