Eric Schaeffer Launching Web Series on My Damn Channel Comedy Network (Exclusive)

Eric Life Coach - H 2013
My Damn Channel

Eric Life Coach - H 2013

The newly launched My Damn Channel Comedy Network premieres its latest original series on Monday with Eric Schaeffer: Life Coach?.

A seven-episode season, broken into 40 shorts, was originally conceived as a television series by Schaeffer -- whose previous efforts include Starved (FX), I Can't Believe I'm Still Single (Showtime) and If Lucy Fell.

“Eric is an extremely talented and prolific filmmaker with a unique voice,” said My Damn Channel founder and CEO Rob Barnett. “Life Coach? is smart, adult, fearless comedy and we think the dual-format is a unique way to give fans two ways to experience and share Eric’s work.”

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Life Coach? follows a fictionalized version of Schaeffer, making extra money by offering advice to people. And while he shot the half-hour pilot with the intention of it heading to broadcast or cable, he says the web venue offered him more freedom in making it.

"My ultimate interest is telling stories in a 25-30 minute format on TV," Schaeffer tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There aren’t many half-hour series originating exclusively on the web. The idea with Life Coach? is to try to create something for a void that I believe many want filled: longer shows available on the Internet."

The series will still see its long-form iteration available online with the half-hour cuts for sale on Schaeffer's website.

"Like with most of my work, there are seeds of truth in both theme and circumstance and embellishment in their execution," Schaeffer says of playing himself again. "Hyperbolic in the extreme, word for word authentic to my actual experience from time to time. I’ll let everyone imagine which is which."

Eric Schaeffer: Life Coach?, and its accompanying vlog from the creator, will stream on a designated MyDamnChannel page and a new YouTube channel.